Medium Rare Interactive


I partnered with the development focused agency Medium Rare Interactive in Northern BC for the redesign of three different websites:

  • Their own personal website
  • A client of theirs called RME
  • A client of theirs called Technaflora

I had regular meetings with their team to discuss client needs and project direction and then the overall design was left up to me for all three of these sites. I designed all the mockups in Sketch and passed them along to MRI for client review and once finished, I passed them along to their developers along with any notes I felt they should know about the mockups.

One thing to note is that, at this time, Technaflora is the only website that has finished development and launched. You will find a link to that website below. The other screenshots are of my designs for what the RME and Medium Rare websites will look like once complete. 

Check out the Technaflora website!